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Translation and interpreting services

We offer complex services to our clients related to translations of texts and proofreading of all world languages. Texts are translated by experts with experience in the given field and native speakers of individual foreign languages. It is also possible to arrange for localisation, graphic editing and print, verification of documents by a notary and verification by a (court-)certified translator. We provide translations from Czech language to foreign languages, translation from foreign languages to Czech language and translations of foreign languages into foreign languages.

We will send you translations according to your wishes and needs by e-mail, by post, courier on the required date and time to the required address.

List of the most frequently provided translating and interpreting services

  • Common translations: translations of short texts in simple formatting such as letters
  • Professional translations: translations with high professional level in all fields, which include mostly professional terminology
  • Certified translations: certificates and documents that require legal verification, such as various verdicts, school reports birth certificates, certificates for work abroad, tax returns, criminal record statements, commercial register statements, certifications, declarations, powers of attorney etc.
  • Legal translations: sale contracts, lease contracts, contracts for work, contracts abut cooperation, translations of memorandum of association (articles of association) of legal subjects, licence contracts, translations of laws of CZR and EU, lawsuits
  • Language proofreading by native speakers: professional and language proofreading, proofreading of speeches, proofreading of presentations, proofreading of web pages, proofreading of leaflets, proofreading of catalogues, brochures, proofreading of manuals
  • Supporting interpreting: interpreter is available during accompanying events and above all during unofficial negotiations
  • Consecutive interpreting: successive interpreting of short segments of a speech, usually during a press conference or business negotiations
  • Simultaneous interpreting: interpreting of a speech of a speaker into headphones using interpreting technique, very frequent during general meetings of companies, during congresses and big international meetings
  • Interpreting by a certified interpreter: interpreting during appointments with a notary, in offices of authorities, in court or during a general meeting of a company


On the basis of your requirements, we will elaborate a price offer for you

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