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Definition of categories

Official uniform classification of accommodation facilities in the Czech Republic.

Hotel is an accommodation facility with at least 10 rooms for guests equipped to provide temporary accommodation and related services (especially boarding) and is divided into four classes.

Hotel garni is equipped only for a limited range of boarding (breakfast at least) and is divided into four classes.

Pension (boarding house) is an accommodation facility with at least 5 rooms for guests, with a limited range of social and complementary services and is divided into four classes.

Other accommodation facilities:

- turistická ubytovna (hostel)
- botel

Depandance is an accessory building of a main accommodation facility without its own reception, the main facility provides the depandance with the services related to the corresponding category and class and is not located farther than 500 m from the depandance.

Types of accommodation units:

  • Single room: room with a single bed for one person
  • Double room: room with two beds, in the form of a twin bed or two single beds next to each other
  • Double room twin: room with two separate beds
  • Triple room or quatro room: room with three or more beds
  • Family room: with three or more beds, from which at least two are suitable for adults
  • Junior suite: accommodation with a special place for sitting in one room
  • Suite: accommodation in one unit with separated rooms with beds (bedroom) and a room with a lounge suite (living room)
  • Apartmá/appartment: accommodation with a separate room for sleeping and a separate room with a lounge suit and a kitchen corner
  • Studio: accommodation in one room with a kitchen corner
  • United rooms: separate rooms with beds interconnected by a connecting door
  • Duplex: accommodation in one unit with more floors and the floors are interconnected

Classification of accommodation facilities into classes:

* Touristic, ** Economy, *** Standard, **** First Class, ***** Luxury