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Used terminology

Transfer: transport of persons from one place with services for tourists to another, which may be a follow-up to these services or a beginning of another journey

Opce: an agreement between the provider of touristic services and a client about booking some touristic services that will be available for the client until a certain date

Storno, cancellation on part of the client: cancelling a service before their date of commencement. The contract usually includes information about the dates of services and their specification or the tariff of cancellation charges

Storno poplatky, cancellation charges: charges that the client has to pay when cancelling an ordered service

No-show: means that the client does not arrive to participate in ordered and contractually agreed services

Cancellation on part of the provider of the services: withdrawal of a contract by the provider of services before providing the service

Příplatek, supplement for single room: supplementary charge that you pay for being accommodated alone in a room

Sezóny, Travel seasons: periods when prices can change based on th demand for the given services in tourism

Záloha, Deposit: deposit payment paid by the client that is included in the total price of the service
Doplatek, Balance due: difference between the advance payments and the price of the service
Kontinentální snídaně, Continental breakfast: includes at least baked products, butter, marmalade or jam, coffee or another hot beverage

Snídaně ve formě švédského stolu, Breakfast in the form of buffet meals: is a continental breakfast with added amount of more kinds of baked products, cheeses, cold meats and cold beverages

Anglická snídaně, English breakfast: this is also called American breakfast in many countries accompanied by cold and hot beverages

Check-in: this term is used in tourism in two cases. Either it is used with regard to transport and means the check-in counter at the airport. Or it is used when you arrive to a destination and register yourself in a hotel for accommodation. If they give you earlier accommodation than the one you booked, it is the so-called "early check-in" and it is offered for a fee.

Check-out: is now used only with regard to accommodation and it means an opposite of check-in. It is a process of unregistering from accommodation at the reception. In this moment it usually is necessary to clean the room and to return the keys. The possibility of late unregistering, the so-called "late check-out" is usually offered for a fee.