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Business seat

According to the Trade Act, a corporation must have a seat of the company in the Czech Republic.

This registered address is necessary to get a trade certificate or license, i.e. the official permit. Each entrepreneur also has to inform the authorities about what is their seat of the company. The seat of the company does not have to be the same as the place of permanent residence, nor the same as its place of business. A great number of Czech entrepreneurs has a different seat of the company and a different address of the place of business and correspondence address.

If you decide to do business in CZR, you cannot do without a seat for your company, as you need it both to found a company and to get a trade certificate. You can use this service if yo need just a seat for your company or to establish the so-called Virtual office.

Within the service of providing a seat for your company, we offer also other services to our clients, which you can get regularly for a monthly lump fee or order according to your current situation:

  • receiving postal items delivered to the address of the company
  • being in charge of contacts with the public and state bodies
  • possibility of business meetings in the seat of the company
  • forwarding of received faxes to e-mail
  • recording messages and forwarding them to you
  • arranging for courier consignments
  • scanning mail
  • arranging for refreshment during business meetings

Advantages of a virtual office:

  • saving costs on lease
  • saving costs on human resources
  • prestigious address of the seat of your company
  • anonymity

A matter of course when providing a seat for the company is preparation of documents necessary for entry into the Commercial Register. The requirements are consent of the owner of the spaces with placing your seat there and the land registry statement.

We will gladly give you advice about what services are suitable for you. We will help you to comply with all the requirements and documentation needed to found a company.

Please contact us to order the service or for more details

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