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Sport centers

Sport Centrum Praha

Sport Centrum Praha (SC Prague) is located in the city quarter Prague Letňany, in the vicinity of the shopping centre OC Letňany, swimming pool Lagoon and ice hockey stadium Icearena. SC Prague is a multifunctional sports centre that offers sport activities both to families with children, seniors and also to handicapped sportspeople. You will find several sports areas in the sports centre that can be used for many sport activities from collective sports such as basketball, volleyball, foot tennis, floorball, through badminton, tennis, fencing, group exercises for women, exercises for parents with children, recondition programs for seniors, to Redcord (balancing exercises on ropes) or individual or physiotherapeutic lessons with top professional instructors, further you can try the popular Zumba or pilates, or courses of street dance or oriental dance. An interesting exercise is also Spiderap or P-class. More information on: www.sport-centrum-praha.com

Sports centre OAZA

In the Sports centre OAZA there are 9 clay tennis courts and an indoor hall with the firm floor Supreme. The local minigolf is one of the most beautiful in the Czech Republic. You can also find there a volleyball field and foot tennis court, table tennis room, rehabilitation centre and other sporting areas.

You can also find a tennis school in the sporting centre OAZA, which offers year-long programs for tennis players of all age and performance categories, from courses for pre-school kids, through individual and group lessons for children, teenagers and adults to a complex training process for professional tennis players, fitness preparation, regeneration, holiday stays with tennis lessons, tennis training camps, tournaments for both registered and non-registered players, and these are just a few points from the broad range of possibilities, which all persons interested in the white sport can choose from. More information on: www.skoaza.cz

Bobsleigh track Prosek

The bobsleigh track in Prague in Prosek, which is from stainless steel, allows you either to dash with the speed of up to 62 km/h or just ride very slowly in the "sightseeing pace". But you should always observe the safety rules and you should have regard for other visitors.

The track is almost 1 kilometre long and offers many tricks (such as the eight, "jump"...) After you arrive to the finish, do not worry, you will not have to spoil the newly gained joyful experience by having to push the bobsleigh back to the start. The track has its tow, which will automatically transport you back directly in front of pizzeria, where you can replenish your energy, or just sit and enjoy the magnificent view of the panorama of Prague, the surrounding forest and vineyard. You can even try an attractive evening ride under artificial lighting. On the premises, you can also find the longest zip-line in the Czech Republic with an adjacent rope park.

Children can ride on their own already since 8 years of age due to an automatic brake. And as the bobsleighs are for 2 persons, even very little kids, or more sensitive people, can enjoy the ride with someone in the bobsleigh with them. More information on:www.bobovadraha.cz

Bowling RAN club

Bowling RAN club is one of the first bowling centres in Prague ever. You will find it in the very centre of the historical part of the city, so you can combine a tour of the city or a business meeting with a pleasant relaxation during bowling, which will allow you to end the afternoon or the day by an active rest. You can listen to varied types of music in the club, taste specialities of both Czech and world cuisine, enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and services of a professional level. More information on: www.bowlingran.cz

The climbing centre MAMMUT Holešovice with the artificial wall is one of the largest climbing centres in the Czech Republic. The area of 1600 square metres and the height of up to 12 meters can provide much entertainment to both a beginning or advanced climber. The climbing centre also offers a great range of climbing opportunities and surpasses even larger European climbing centres. It is also known for its friendly atmosphere.

The climbing centre MAMMUT

The climbing centre includes three halls – the main hall, the hall with boulder wall and the hall with 3D wall. The scale of difficulty is from 3- to 9+ and you can try 102 climbing lines here. You will get a top service in the climbing centre. A part of the climbing centre are changing rooms, showers or a bar with refreshment. You can rent high-quality equipment for for acceptable prices in an outdoor rental, which has the same opening hours as the climbing centre: daily until 11 p.m.

For children, the climbing centre MAMMUT offers regular climbing courses under the leadership of qualified instructors. As the first in the Czech Republic, MAMMUT offers a course of the modern discipline of dry-tooling, where you can learn basic skills and other information how to continue your training. www.stenaholesovice.cz

Paintball Game

Paintball Game offers you 5 very different and interesting terrains for paintball - from attractive natural fields to specially modified paintball areas in the vicinity of large town and cities all over the Czech Republic. For more demanding clients there is a possibility to build a sports field with inflatable obstacles. www.paintballgame.cz