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Apostille on Czech documents in Czech Republic

The price of Apostile including administrative charges and delivery 1.250 CZK/ 50 EUR

Price includes: administration fee (kolky) and service charge.

Apostille is a higher level of authentication of documents which is necessary in the case when a certified document is submitted on the territory of a foreign state which is a party to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents adopted on 05.10.1961.

The Hague convention simplified the procedure of authentication of official documents to be used in the states that are the parties to the treaty and did not enter into bilateral international treaties with the Czech Republic in respect of dispensation of legalization.

In most cases Apostille is affixed in the official language of the state where the documents were issued; sometimes it is bilingual (the most often second language is English). Therefore certified translation (sometimes less correctly called "court translation") is necessary for submission of the documents in the country of destination; the translation must meet the requirements of equivalent transfer of the content from the source language to the language of the recipient country.

In the Czech Republic the act is performed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, courts, public prosecutors offices and notaries.

Apostille is usually affixed to official documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, extracts from the Commercial Register, extracts from the Penal Register, powers of attorney, sentences, diplomas and certificates.

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Normally we realize superlegalization, legalization or certification by Apostille within 5 days. No power of attorney is needed for this purpose.