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Czech Trade License

A foreigner can carry on business in the Czech Republi c as an individual or can engage in entrepreneurship within the frame of activities of companies or co-operatives established in accordance with the Czech Commercial Code.

An entrepreneur can carry on a trade in the Czech Republic provided that he obtains respective permission for the particular entrepreneurial activity in the form of a trade licence/permit or a special licence according to special acts.

An individual requesting a trade licence/permit must meet the following requirements:

Minimum age of 18 years

Legal capacity

Unimpeachable character (absence of a criminal record)

Submission of a document confirming that the individual does not have arrears of social security contributions and state employment policy contributions if he/she carries on or carried on business activities on the territory of the Czech Republic

Professional or other qualification, including practice, if required by the Trades Licensing Act or specific regulations


The price of a trade licence including administrative charges € 120
The price of a trade permit including administrative charges € 180


The applicant must fill in the following data:

  • First name, surname and possibly trade name if already registered in the Commercial Register
  • Citizenship
  • Personal identification number, if any
  • Date of birthday
  • Residence outside the Czech Republic
  • Line of business, mentioning fields of activity
  • Place of business
  • Registration number, if any.
  • Fixed establishment or establishments where operation of the trade will be started

The following is required for application:

  • Completed registration form
  • Valid travel document
  • Extract from the Penal Register
  • Accommodation confirmation
  • Confirmation on place of business

The right to carry on a trade is confirmed by:

A trade licence certifying fulfilment of conditions for carrying on notifiable trades

A trade permit containing data in accordance with the Trades Register; an issued final decision on granting a concession

After the trade is set up, the entrepreneur must register at the Revenue Office and the Czech Social Security Authority.


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