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Operative leasing

Operative leasing is a convenient means to get corporate vehicles needed for your business activity. With operative leasing, you pay monthly or otherwise agreed instalments for a rented car. The company offering operative leasing will ensure also other services for you, fees and maintenance - road tax vignette, motorway tax vignette, service for tyres, third party liability insurance and many others.

Operative leasing has become a popular solution for many companies in CZR how to get a company car in the recent years. It is a big advantage for foreign investors that they do not have to solve administrative and legal obstacles and potential worries related to the sale of a purchased car.

After the contract for operative leasing expires, you can either conclude a new contractual relationship or to return the rented car to the car rental, or you also have the right of first refusal to purchase the rented car.

Advantages of operative leasing:

  • purchase of a car without your own capital
  • distribution of costs related to the operation of the car
  • taking care of the necessary agenda of registering the cars
  • dealings with the insurance company during insured events
  • possibility of buying it from you for a price agreed in advance
  • fixed instalment is a fully tax deductible costs item
  • no down payment in required
  • guarantee of the same price for the period of effect of the contract
  • the same amount of instalments for the entire period leasing
  • reducing costs on maintenance, repair and operation of the vehicle

What can be included in the instalment of the Operative leasing:

  • car insurance for vehicles in CZR and Europe
  • legally required collision damage waiver
  • additional car insurance (front windscreen, luggage etc.)
  • road tax and and motorway tax vignette, fee for using a radio
  • registering and deregistering the car
  • complete service and maintenance (full service) of cars
  • renting a spare car in case of a crash
  • winter tyres, summer tyres, replacement of tyres

We will gladly help you with solving an operative leasing, negotiating financial and contractual conditions and selection of the best offer from companies that provide this service.

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