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Overview of services

Handyman for foreigners

We will help you with your household

We offer you:

  • maintenance, craft works and painting works
  • assembly or dismantling of new and old furniture
  • installation of all domestic appliances or electronic devices
  • changing light bulbs or fluorescent lamps
  • painting and wallpapering of flats and houses
  • laying floor tiles, cleaning and polishing of floorings
  • various repairs in a family house or flat
  • delivery or collection of smaller objects, cartons, appliances

Please contact us to order the service or for more details

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Zdravotní obuv Scholl dámská za skvělé ceny. Kvalitní letní pneu Goodyear za skvělé ceny. Energetické balanční náramky pro rovnováhu organismu.
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