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Student visas Czech Republic

We offer the comprehensive services in the legalization of residence of foreign nationals.

We will help you to overcome the administrative and legislative duties to the Czech authorities and thereby comply with the conditions of your legal residence in the Czech republic. Services are for foreign nationals from the third countries.

We will help you to obtain temporary or long-term residence permit for study.

You are entitled to file an application at an embassy, if you intend to stay in the Czech Republic temporarily for a period longer than 3 months and it concerns studies in accordance with § 64 ofthe Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals, with the exception of studying at a primary school, secondary school or in a conservatory that is not carried out within an exchange programme or professional training for remuneration.

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Application for a long-term residence permit for third state citizens € 140 -€180



The price includes the following services:

  • preparation of the application on the basis of provided data
  • arranging for court-certified translations of civil registry documents
  • arranging for court-certified translations of other foreign-language texts and offi cial documents
  • arranging for certified copies of identity documents required by state offi ces of CZR
  • preparation of complete documentation
  • preparation of statutory declarations
  • preparation of powers of attorney
  • arranging for a meeting at an offi ce of a representative authority of the Czech Republic

The price does not include administrative fee CZK 2.500


We will advise you and provide you with a valid health insurance.

Along with the application for a long-term residence permit you must submit:

  • a travel document
  • a document confirming the purpose of your stay in the territory,
  • proof of accommodation
  • a photograph; not necessary if a pictorial recording has been made of you,
  • parental consent, or that of another legal representative or guardian, with your stay in the Czech Republic, if you are a minor,
  • proof of funds,if it concerns university studies or unpaid professional work experience, in other cases a document stating that the costs for your stay are paid by a domestic host organisation,
  • upon request a document similar to an extract from the Penal Register record,
  • a medical report, that you do not have a serious illness; the presentation of a medical report can only be requested if there is reasonable suspicion that you suffer from a serious disease.
  • registration fee - the price of the visa fee depends on country you come from
  • Czech comprehensive medical insurance - The amount of the insurance benefit (the agreed insurance benefit limit for one insurance event must be at least 400 000 EUR, that being without an insurance retention on the amount of the given costs), valid throughout Schengen with a limit of EUR 80 000 EUR.

The MOI issues a long-term residence permit with a limited validity one (1) year if it is a temporary stay for the purpose of studies with an expected stay longer than 1 year. The time-limit for issuing a decision on an application for a long-term residence permit for the purpose of studies is 60 days.