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There are very good technologies of fast connection to internet in the Czech Republic. You can use all common technical standards of connection.


Wireless connection through Wi-Fi is commonly used. You can use netbook, notebook or smartphone to easily wirelessly connect to internet through Wi-Fi in restaurants, cafés, hotels and in many other places.

Broadband, ADSL, hardwired connection

A fast hardwired internet connection is commonly available in the Czech Republic in companies, households and virtually all hotels.

Mobile technologies

In the Czech Republic, you can also connect to internet by means of mobile technologies. The signal covers especially larger town and cities, the extent of coverage is still increasing. The following technologies are available: UMTS (3G, 4G), EDGE, GPRS, CDMA.

Many internet cafés offer internet connection for a small fee for each commenced hour. Many cafés and restaurants and accommodation facilities offer free internet for their clients. You can also connect to internet for free at the airport Ruzyně and in many shopping centres. Internet connections may also be available in public libraries.

Browsers in the Czech Republic are e.g.:

You can get your own internet connection in the Czech Republic from a countless number of global or local internet providing companies. Internet connection is also usually a part of the cable TV connection.