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Fitness centers

Fitness Olga Šípková

Olga Šípková is a champion of the sport aerobics, who will gladly exercise with you every day in her fitness centre.

This lesson is suitable for intermediate to advanced clients. This 90-minute lesson has a very broad and varied range of aerobics elements. The beginning is dedicated to warming up the body. This introductory stretching is followed by the longest part dedicated to forming your body with various accessories: towels, dumbbells, steps, over-balls, working out with your own body... this part will not leave out one part in your body!

The final half an hour of the lesson has a big purpose: to stretch your entire body thoroughly. It is derived from power yoga and everyone will be looking forward very much to the final position of a dead corpse.

Aerobik mix
This lesson is for intermediate clients. Dancing exercise accompanied by famous songs is an entertainment for almost any woman (but men are welcome too ;o) . Moreover, as the saying goes, you will kill two and more birds with one stone: entertainment, health, better shape, a group of people tuned to the same wavelength.. Due to the elaborated method, you will learn the dance sets without problems and you can always choose an easy version or the most difficult version. We practice individual steps and entire sets thoroughly and we earn new ones only after everyone has learnt the previous ones. But we always watch the time, so that we do not forget the necessary firming of the abdominal muscles and stretching. It is a pity that the hour does not have 80 minutes. It is a great relax from stress, when you will become immersed in the joint exercise and forget all your worries... More information on: www.sipkova.cz

Fitness club Hanky Kynychové

The offer includes two exercise halls, the first one with the floor area of 145m2 with the capacity for about 40 persons and the second one with the floor area of 75m2 with the capacity of about 18 persons. Both exercise halls are equipped by air conditioning that cools down the spaces, dehumidifies them or even heats them in case of a cold weather. A flexible floor from the company PAVIGYM is another advantage. The schedule of lessons include also aerobic for both beginners or more advanced clients. You can also try Ae-Mix, P-Class, Probleme zone, Body Styling, Ae-Body, Step-Body, Basic Step-Body, Power yoga, Pilates, FitBall, Břišní pekáč (belly pan - exercises to strengthen belly muscles), Interval training and others. More information on: www.fitness-kynychova.cz

Tanning salon and fitness BBC

The biggest and most modern chain of tanning salons and fitness in CZR offers sporting and meeting people. Recharge your batteries by means of a combination of physical exercise, relaxation procedures and a pleasant ambience to just sit down, have a talk with friends, establish new contacts, conclude a business deal, meet new people.

Due to the professional guidance of coaches and instructors, you do not need to be afraid to get down to some sporting activity whatever is your age or physical condition. Try fitness, aerobic, running and walking, cycling or boxing. Then you can relax in a sauna, swimming pool or a tanning salon and professional staff is at your disposal everywhere. More information on: www.fitnessbbc.cz

Holmes palace

Holmes Place is not just a "fitness centre", where fitness would be narrowly focused on bodybuilding, but it is a complex "wellness centre", which means that it is focused on a more balanced care about body and mind. That is why the offer of the club Holmes Place also includes a program of healthy diet called Eat well.
More information on: www.holmeplace.cz