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You can buy groceries in the Czech Republic most cheaply in supermarkets. Some supermarkets prefer selling their own trade marks, this goods is among the cheapest ones.

Albert is a retail seller of groceries offering a reasonable price to quality ratio of the offered goods. The company is active in eleven countries as a grocery retail seller. The company operates a wide spectre of types of shops (from hypermarkets to small self-service shops) and offers several series of its own trademarks. Albert is focused on selling its own trade marks in four categories. Albert Excelent • excellent, delicious, exclusive, unique and uncommon groceries, • products of the series Albert Bio comply with the requirement of all those who like groceries exclusively from natural resources • Albert Quality brings high quality products to the market comparable with branded products while offering acceptable price.• Products Euro Shopper, you will recognise them according to their red-white packaging. The quality of about 350 products of this brand remains the same, as well as the low price. For a better orientation of customers, the shelves with these products are marked by a red-white label "the lowest price". The products are placed on lower shelves in the supermarkets and hypermarkets Albert. http://www.albert.cz/

Tesco is a british retail chain offering both groceries and other goods. It has many shops in CZR and you can find them in all towns in the form of: • hypermarkets - big department stores offering groceries and other goods under one roof, • supermarkets - self-service shops with a wide range of fresh and long-life groceries and a basic offer of drugstore goods, • shopping malls under the name of Tesco, Tesco City and My - multi-floor shopping malls in the centre of big cities with a wide range of especially branded clothing, pastime goods, electronics, or drapery and a big self-service grocery shop, • express - smaller shops to buy everyday basic groceries. • extra - hypermarkets built on the basis of the concept "shop in the shop" offering optics, shops with telecommunication or photographic services or a pharmacy. You can find more detailed information on http://www.itesco.cz/en

Globus - is one of the biggest hypermarkets in the Czech Republic. It offers a broad assortment from various suppliers of drugstore and grocery goods, household wares, textile, furniture, computer technology, but also goods for house and garden. Every day there are special offers for selected goods. Their shops that are above all outside the city centre have their own petrol station, pharmacy, flower shop and a fast food. The opening hours are 7 days a week. Hypermarket Globus is suitable for larger shopping. You can find more information on http://www.globus.cz/

Kaufland has many shops in the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia. A good quality of goods, rich assortment of products of its own brands and a great amount of branded goods. Besides the offer of groceries, fruits and vegetables, it also offers household wares, textile, electro, stationery goods and toys, seasonal products etc. Every week there are new special offers for a certain assortment. If you are interested in Kaufland shops, you will find them on http://www.kaufland.cz/Home

Interspar is a big and well-known hypermarket, which offers a broad assortment of goods for household. They have a good accessibility by public transport. You can find them most often in large shopping centres. In the Czech Republic and Austria, they also operate smaller supermarkets under the trade name SPAR. Unlike the hypermarket INTERSPAR, supermarket SPAR is an important shopping place for housing developments or city quarters. They have a good accessibility by public transport. You can find them most often in shopping centres. You can find more information on http://www.interspar.cz/

Supermarkets Lidl offer groceries of especially their own brands imported from Germany. Their advantage is a favourable price. Some are really of a high quality and great taste, but you will not find there any broader offer of brands. The assortment includes above all groceries, but in weekly special offers you can also find flowers, cosmetics, textile, shoes, clothes and household accessories. Almost all their shops in CZR offer long opening hours for six days a week (from Monday to Saturday). You can find more information on http://www.lidl.cz

Billa is a trade mark of a chain of supermarkets operated within the territory of the Czech Republic and other European states. Their high-quality assortment of especially grocery and drugstore goods is somewhat more expensive, but it includes more "gourmet" products that are otherwise hard to find. The advantage of this chain is a high amount of shops, especially in town centres and their vicinity. They are opened daily. You can find more information on http://www.billa.cz

Penny Market is an international chain that offers above all grocery assortment of Czech brands and goods from Czech importers plus some goods imported from other European countries. They deal with discount sale from boxes and original packagings. You will not find there any specialties, nor any great choice of various suppliers, mostly just one kind of goods and no more. Nevertheless, this chain is sufficient for buying basic groceries. You can find more information about Penny Market on http://www.penny.cz/