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Transport in CZR

Air transport

The biggest and main Czech airport is in Praha- Vaclava Havla. Nationally you can fly from Moravia to Bohemia (e.g. from Ostrava to Prague), however, most flights are international. The airport Praha-Ruzyně conforms with all European norms, it consists of three terminals.

The Czech air transport provider is called Czech Airlines - České aerolinie (ČSA) and it is one of the big European air transport companies.

Long-distance trains, buses

The Czech Republic has one of the densest railroad networks in Europe and a very elaborated system of public bus transport with high density of connections. Transport by bus or train is usually relatively reliable and cheap.

Transport timetables
You can find all information about the national transport on the pages of IDOS. Many transport providers even mention their prices there.

Public transport providers

The railroad transport is provided almost exclusively by the Czech Railroad - České dráhy, the bus transport is provided by a range of private transport providers. Transport by train is usually slower but more comfortable. Buses are generally cheaper and a bit faster. You can take advantage of many discounts when travelling by trains of the Czech Railroad, the company also offers discounts for passengers with the loyalty card (the so-called customer card) or discounts for larger groups of passengers.


Pendolino represents the fastest transport connection on the route Prague - Ostrava - Žilina (Slovak republic). It takes incredibly only 3 hours and 10 minutes to go from Prague to Ostrava in this train.

Pendolino offers above-standard comfort when travelling. In order that passengers can quickly identify the train classes, the seats int the 1st class are red and the seats in the 2nd class are blue. All the seats can be positioned. Also electrically operated roller blinds are available to protect passengers against direct sunlight and there is a button to call the staff of the train. All train carriages have air conditioning. The trains SuperCity are non-smoking only. You can find other details about transport by Pendolino on: www.scpendolino.cz