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Furniture and interior

You will buy furniture and interior accessories in department stores like Ikea, Kika, Asko, Mobelix, Sconto furniture.

Kika is one of the more expensive, you will find the greatest choice and modular systems in Ikea and if you are looking for something really cheap corresponding to this quality, we recommend Mobelix or Sconto.

IKEA is a Swedish furniture company focused on the sale and production of cheap furniture and interior accessories. In small spaces, it is necessary to find unused places and choose such furniture that has more functions. You just need creativity, a bit of defiance and courage to realise your dream regardless of how much or little space you have. IKEA is specialised in this type of furniture. It operates its own network of shops not just in Europe, but also in Asia, USA and Australia. In the Czech Republic there are four department stores: Prague 5 - Zličín, Prague 9 - Černý Most, Brno, Ostrava www.ikea.cz

Kika is a department store that offers assortment including more than 50.000 kinds of goods from practical accessories to complex solutions of housing in the high-tech style. A great part of the offer consists of goods of more expensive and renown brands popular especially in European countries. They offer complete service that includes, among others planning, measuring, delivery and assembly, which is a great advantage of buying their products. You can view the offered assortment and current discounts on www.kika.com

ASKO - NÁBYTEK is the most renown and biggest seller of furniture in the Czech Republic. And so it is no exaggeration to say that furniture from Asko is almost in any Czech household. According to surveys, each second household has furniture in some of the ten shops of ASKO located all over the entire republic. ASKO Nábytek offers both furniture of the latest design and classic furniture, further also office furniture www.asko-nabytek.cz

The discount seller of furniture Mobelix has its shops in Prague, Brno and other Czech cities. They offer a broad selection of cheap furniture for house, flat or an office including other varied equipment not only for household. Möbelix guarantees the lowest price of its goods. This means that if you are able to prove within ten days since the purchase in a Möbelix shop that the same product can be found cheaper in a shop of a different seller, you will get back the difference in the prices. Möbelix has almost all goods immediately available in stock www.moebelix.cz

Sconto furniture is a part of a big German corporation Höffner, which is one of the biggest furniture sellers in Europe. They offer a complete assortment of furniture and interior accessories for very good prices. Most exhibited goods in shops is in stock available for immediate purchase. You will find their shops only in larger cities in the Czech Republic and they have opening hours on business days and even at weekends. Sconto offers frequent discounts and special offers for selected goods. You can find more information on www.sconto.cz