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Foreign currency exchange

You can exchange foreign currency in CZR in a bank, exchange office, hotel or airport. In no case do we recommend exchanging your currency at the street. You could receive a different currency than Czech or even false banknotes.

When exchanging currency in a bank, you have to pay a fee and you will often receive a lower exchange rate. Exchange at the airport or in a hotel is the least advantageous one. The exchange rate there is very low and the fee very high.

That is why exchange offices have bee very popular in recent years, as they have good rates and you do not pay fees for the exchange. However, not all exchange offices are honest, so you should be careful when choosing one. The most frequent trick in some exchange offices is a chaotic exchange rates sheet, text in too small letters, 0% fee only when buying a foreign currency.

We recommend you to learn about the net amount before the exchange and to ask for a receipt.