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Commercial companies in Czech Republic

The second most frequent type of business after natural person entrepreneurs (sole traders or the self-employed) is entrepreneurship of legal persons.

Legal persons can do business in the form of corporations

Corporations include:

  • Společnost s ručením omezeným, s.r.o. (Limited liability company)
  • Akciová společnost, a.s. (Joint-stock company)
  • Veřejná obchodní společnost (General partnership)
  • Komanditní společnost (Limited partnership)
  • Družstvo (Cooperative)


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Establishment of company S.R.O.
from € 920

The prices includes:

  • Preparation of documents required to establish company
  • Preparation of  articles of association or deed of foundation
  • Notarial record, including all notarial fees
  • Legalization of documents
  • Making contributions to authorized capital and opening bank account for deposit
  • Declaration of unqualified trades to obtain trade licence, including administrative charge CZK 1000
  • Filing proposal for registration in Commercial Register, including duty stamps amounting to CZK 6000
  • Representation before authorities
  • Registration as income tax payer at Revenue Office
  • Consulting and advising

The price does not include:

  • Basic capital, minimum 200.000 CZK
  • Business seat
  • Bank fees for proof of deposited basic capital
  • Long - term visa for Business purposes
  • Translation of documents

Founding of company within 14 days after the preparation of all necessary documents.


In case the company is founded by just one founder, there is no Memorandum of Association but the Founder's Deed instead. The Memorandum of Association or the Founder's Deed must be in the form of notarial entry.

The founder can also authorise, on the basis of a special Power of Attorney, his or her general donee or attorney to found a company on his of her behalf.

Corporations are established in two phases. In the first phase, the company is founded by writing up a Memorandum of Association or a Founder's Deed, in the second phase - the company is finally created as of the date of entering it into the commercial register. The fact is that the mere founding of a company does not mean its legal existence.