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Immigration services in Czech Republic

We offer the comprehensive services in the legalization of residence of foreign nationals. We will help you to overcome the administrative and legislative duties to the Czech authorities and thereby comply with the conditions of your legal residence in the Czech republic. Services are for EU citizens and foreign nationals from the third countries.

We will help you to obtain temporary or long-term residence permit for study, employment, business or for family reunification. We will arrange for you a change of the purpose of stay or the extension of the long-term stay. We will advise you and provide you with a valid health insurance.

If you decide to do business in the CR and you will need to deal with trade license or you are a participant of the entity (an executive, a business partner,a Board Member,a Supervisory Board member, etc.) we will advise you with the legislation and prepare all the necessary requirements to start your business. Based on the business license or as a legal entity you can get a long term residence permit or its extension.

We will prepare all necessary documents and arrange for you a valid health insurance. The whole process can be done comprehensively on the basis of the power of attorney. If your personal present is needed for the collection or submission of documents at the immigration office we will organise a date of the visit and the presence of an interpreter.

Our company SFF Czech s.r.o. offers to you the following immigration office :

  • granting work permits
  • Supervision of a valid work permit
  • Extension of work permit
  • Cancellation of work permit
  • Work permits to companies for employment of foreign nationals
  • Assistance to obtain the virst visas
  • Temporary and Long term residence permit
  • Extension of temporary and long term residence permit
  • Supervision of valid temporary and long-term residence permit
  • Changes of personal data in documents for persons already registered in the Czech authorities
  • Invitation for third country nationals to the Czech Republic for legal entities
  • Providing of translation and interpreting service
  • Business Licence for a physical entity
  • Establishment of business companies
  • Parking Card
  • Obtaining of a personal identification number
  • Confirmation of a temporary residence for EU citizens and their families
  • A permanent residence permit for EU citizens
  • A permanent residence permit for the third country citizens
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Extract from the House and Land Registry
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Extract from the Trade Register
  • Confirmation of the Tax office for business
  • Confirmation of the Social Insurance for Business
  • Invitation for the foreign national into the CR
  • Registration at police departmen