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Moving services

We also offer to our clients, within the framework of offered services related to their stay in CZR, to find a moving companies for them.

We will process your requirements and create a price offer including the complete process of moving to another address. We coordinate the entire process of moving in a way that there are the lowest possible costs.

This possibility is a comfortable solution in case you do not want or cannot arrange for the necessary preparation and assistance during moving. We will supervise your moving including preparations, procuring packing materials, packing up the things, assembly and dismantling of furniture, waste disposal and necessary cleaning of both the old and the new spaces.

Your only work will be to inform us about your wishes and requirements, we will gladly oblige you and satisfy your individual needs and requests.

Offer of basic services:

  • moving of flats
  • moving to another city
  • moving to another state
  • small moving
  • moving of heavy objects
  • moving within the same premises
  • dismantling and assembly of furniture
  • procuring packing materials
  • packing and preparations for moving
  • waste disposal by taking waste to waste collecting centres
  • storage of furniture
  • car transport


Before moving we arrange a free inspection of the apartment, which you want to move in, we establish the work schedule and working methods and offer you the quotation for the required services.

Your only work will be to inform us about your wishes and requirements

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