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Travel health insurance

Whan you arrive in the Czech Republic as a tourist.

Basic Foreigners’ Medical Insurance Company VZP

VZP ČR had provided contractual medical insurance – insurance of healthcare costs abroad and foreigners’ medical insurance from 1993 and had established a strong position on the market in this area.

Basic Foreigners’ Medical Insurance includes the reimbursement of costs of necessary and urgent treatment and hospitalization in all healthcare facilities within the Czech Republic within the necessary scope.


Only Czech Republic
7 days
CZK 245
14 days CZK 490
21 days CZK 735
1 month CZK1050


Czech Republic and Schengen
7 days CZK 315
14 days CZK 630
21 days CZK 945
1 month CZK 900


Travel insurance guarantees comprehensive protection during a stay abroad.

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