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Health insurance for foreigners Czech, cheap medical insurance

There are two types of health insurance in the Czech Republic:

Cheap complex health insurance for students
Medical insurance for cases of complex care

The citizens of EU countries become entitled to participation in the public health insurance if: they have permanent residence in the territory of the Czech Republic, they do not have permanent residence in the territory of the Czech Republic, but are employed by an employer with a registered office in the territory of the Czech Republic, if they are governed by the Czech regulations based on EU Directive (this group includes wage-earners in the Czech Republic (employees and self-employed persons), as well as persons on benefits from previous earning activity, i.e. old-age pensions, and family members of all entitled persons, i.e. wife or husband and dependant children).

Having arrived in the Czech Republic, you must visit one of the health insurance companies and get registered there. The insurance company will then give you the insurer’s card that you will hand in at the doctor’s office.

Other foreigners with a long-term residence permit, who are not employed in the Czech Republic by an employer with a registered office in the territory of the Czech Republic, are required to conclude health insurance for settlement of medical expenses, for the minimum amount of EUR 30,000.  These foreigners have a possibility to conclude commercial insurance that works based on market principles.  The commercial insurance differs from public health insurance on principle, mainly with the existing indemnification limit, and the scope of the covered care is limited, as well.  There are two basic types of insurance:

Insurance companies in Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, every person with permanent residence in the territory of the Czech Republic is compulsorily insured by law.  Foreigners who obtain permanent residence in the Czech Republic become participants in public health insurance and must get registered by one of the health insurance companies after obtaining permanent residence. Should they not do so, they get automatically registered by the General Health Insurance (VZP).

Foreigners without permanent residence are not entitled to public health insurance, unless they participate in the sickness insurance as employees. The employer shall advise the health insurance company of the commencement (and end) of participation in the sickness insurance of an employee who is a foreigner without permanent domicile.  The health insurance company issues a green card for this insured person.  The public health insurance expires upon the employment termination.

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