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Czech Health Insurance for foreigners

Medical insurance for foreigners is a prerequisite for obtaining a Czech visa.

Why do you have to be insured?

It is mandatory for all foreigners, who are not covered by the Czech public medical insurance and who are not EU citizens, to get the insurance and it is also a precondition to get the Czech visa and to extend the stay in the Czech Republic.

The insurance is recognized by the Czech Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, department of asylum and migration policy, as a document in the sense of Section (§) 180i and Section (§) 180j of the Act No. 326/1999 Coll. on the residency of foreigners on the territory of the Czech Republic, as amended.

Comprehensive health insurance accepted by Czech embassies worldwide!

Price for individuals over 26 years of age.

Health insurance for foreigners for the visa application.

period of insurance
standard price current price after discount
4 months 3.400 CZK 2.550 CZK
5 months 4.250 CZK 3.187 CZK
6 months 5.100 CZK 3.825 CZK
7 months
5.950 CZK 4.462 CZK
8 months 6.800 CZK 5.100 CZK
9 months 7.650 CZK 5.737 CZK
10 months 8.500 CZK 6.375 CZK
11 months 9.350 CZK 7.012 CZK
12 months 10.200 CZK 7.650 CZK
24 months
19.440 CZK 14.580 CZK


Indenmnity limits
Total maximum limit
80.000 EUR
partial limits  
medical transport 80.000 EUR
repatriation od remains 80.000 EUR
dental care in case of injury 6.000 CZK
other dental care 6.000 CZK
outpatient prescription medication yes
pregnancy care and delivery yes
preventive care yes
Schengen countries insurance yes

An important partner of the company ERGO is insurance company ZPMV ČR.  The insurance company ZPMV Czech Republic is the largest employee and the second largest public health insurance company in the Czech Republic. Find out more at www.zpmcr.cz



By law medical insurance is obligatory for foreigners from the states outside the European Union who stay in the Czech Republic on a short-term or a long-term basis, unless they are participants of public medical insurance by virtue of their employment or entrepreneurial activity in the Czech Republic.

In case you need for Long –term visa for your business in Czech Republic you need to have a full set of documents which must also include Czech comprehensive medical insurance with a full coverage of 1 500 000 crones or 60 000 EUR.

You will need Comprehensive medical insurance is accepted on territory of Czech Republic and is suitable for prolongation of permission for residence of foreigners.

In case you need to obtain short-term visa which is based on tour or an invitation of Czech individual or legal entity, you will only need basic medical accident insurance with a total coverage of 1 000 000 crones or 40 000 EUR.

You will need Medical basic insurance provide is accepted in medical institutions of Czech Republic by means of companies-assistants and is suitable for obtaining short-term visa up to 90 days. It also includes invitation visa and passing the customs control.


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