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Property care

Are you looking for management of your property for rent?

We're here for you!

Our services are used by domestic and foreign investors and owners who own real estate or more real estates, do not live permanently in Prague or have no time to constantly deal with property management and rent of their property.

We provide comprehensive property management for long-term or medium-term lease. During our work we have many satisfied clients of individual housing units and entire houses.

What our real estate management includes

  • We take the apartment to the administration, write the inventory of the flat, provide photographic documentation, consult the terms of renting the property and the price. Signing the management agreement and the power of attorney needed to manage the apartment or house.

  • Prepare the presentation and include it in the offer using the internal database of inquiries, our site www.sffczech.cz and advertising media (eg. Expats, Sreality, Ulova home, PragueRealEstate, Facebook ...).

  • Communication and tours with clients, selection of a suitable tenant according to your preferences, preparation of a lease agreement in both Czech and English version, including takeover reports, handover of an apartment, energy transcription, internet and TV connection and other tasks associated with the lease.

  • Our service is also a matter of monitoring the validity of rental relations, their timely extension, termination and re-rental of your property.

  • During the duration of our management of your property, we will also ensure continuous communication with tenants, resolving disputes with tenants and other unexpected situations, checking the state of the property during the rental agreement, checking the payments of the rent on your account, securing of repairs and cleaning of the apartment through our contractual partners, mail handling, energy billing, communications with SVJ, submission of the tax return or real estate insurance.

Prices for the property management for rent:

Flat unit rent up to 15.000 CZK per month / management fee 600 CZK per month

Flat unit rent from 15.000 CZK to 22.000 CZK per month / management fee 800 CZK per month

Flat unit rent from 22.000 CZK or more / management fee 1.000 CZK per month

Family house smaller to medium rent up to 35.000 CZK per month / management fee 2.000 CZK per month

Family house rent from 35.000 CZK or more monthly / management fee 3.000 CZK per month.

The management fee you pay for the time when the apartment unit is occupied by the tenant.


Of course, we offer you property management according to your current needs and preferences. Customized service package. Property management agreement from 3 months up.


 Entrust your real estate to our property management, save your time and worry about renting!

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